Deadliest corner in the old west:  5th and Allen


 Over 30 documented killings happened at this intersection. 

At this location Luke Short shot Charlie Storms. Luke Short, a 26 year old faro dealer, Charlie Storms, 60, had only been in town a few days. Their dispute, the turn of a card.  Bat Masterson separated the two, Storms left but returned a short time later calling Luke Short out.  Short obliged and walked outside.  He ducked around a corner and fired 3 shots at Storms.  Short was not charged in the killing.

 "Billy the Kid" Claiborne: After the real "Billy the Kid" was killed, Billy Claiborne insisted everyone call him "Billy the Kid".

 Buckskin Frank Leslie, bartender at the Oriental Saloon and the deadliest pistoleer around, threw Billy Claiborne out of the bar because he was drunk and obnoxious to customers.  He left but came back with a shotgun.  He was hiding in wait for Buckskin Frank outside the front door, behind an orange cart.  A pedestrian warned Frank, he stepped out the side door and could see the barrel of the scatter gun sticking out.  Frank yelled to Billy, "I don't want to have to kill you!".  Billy raised the shotgun, Buckskin Frank Leslie fired and killed him. 


Tombstone, Arizona


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