Campbell & Hatch Billiards


On the evening of March 18th, 1882 Morgan and Wyatt Earp attended a performance at Schieffelin Hall, "Stolen Kisses".  Afterwards, Morgan convinced Wyatt into heading in here to shoot a game of pool.

While Morgan and Bob Hatch were shooting a game of Billiards, GLASS SHATTERED and Morgan was shot in the back with a 10 gauge shotgun!  Dr. Goodfellow was summoned to no avail.  Morgan Earp died in less than 3/4 of an hour.  The bullet passed through Morgan and hit a man named George Berry. Another shot hit the wall above Wyatt Earp's head.  George Berry eventually died.  Dr. Goodfellow said it wasn't the bullet that killed Berry.  He said the man was SCARED TO DEATH!!!






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