The Cosmopolitan Hotel


Carl G. Bilicke opened the Cosmopolitan in 1879.  Nothing more than a large tent, it had 50 beds, a restaurant, bar and Tombstone's first Steinway piano.  In a short time it was replaced by a wooden building.

In 1880 he built a second floor with an outside veranda lined with orange trees.

Buckskin Frank Leslie, a very handsome, blonde haired, blue eyed, ladies man kept a room here at the Cosmopolitan.  One night after a dance, Frank escorted May Killen, estranged wife of Mike Killeen, back to the hotel.  They were sitting on this veranda when Mike arrived.  Gunshots erupted...Mike Killeen was dead. Buckskin Frank Leslie was not charged.

Witnesses said another man fired the fatal shots, George Perine.  He was questioned and released.  Buckskin Frank Leslie was the deadliest gunman in the territory.  He's responsible for 13 graves at Boothill!




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