Marshal Fred White


On October 28, 1880, just past midnight shots rang out near the corner of 6th & Allen Streets.  Several Cowboys were returning from the Red Light District.  At one point Tombstone boasted over 3500 registered Ladies of the Night.  

Marshal Fred White, a 31 year old, newly elected Chief of Police, responded from his one room cabin behind what was an empty lot.  The Birdcage Theatre had not been built yet.

He quickly disarmed those who where trying to shoot out the moon and the stars...probably high on opium.  As he disarmed Curly Bill Brocius, the gun discharged, hitting Marshal White in the groin.  He died an agonizing death, suffering for 3 days.  On his death bed he exonerated Curly Bill, saying in was an accident.  Wyatt Earp, who helped White disarm Curly Bill, corroborated the story...Curly Bill was eventually released.   




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