The Cold Blooded Killing in front of the OK Corral


In 1879 Col. William C. Greene had placed a small dam across the San Pedro River upstream from Jim Burnett's ranch.  Burnett told his Chinese workers that if something should happen to the dam, he wouldn't give a damn!!!

As a result, Green's daughter and friend both drowned.

Greene came to Tombstone looking for Burnett.  He found him sitting in front of the OK Corral.  Greene shot Burnett 3 times. Burnett fell from the chair and crawled to the street.  Col. Greene put the gun to the back of Burnett's head and pulled the trigger.

A jury, in a circus-like trial, acquitted Greene...they said he had suffered enough!

1899-1906:  Greene's net worth was $50,000,000 in copper, cattle and timber.  

Col.'s title was made up to entice investors.  



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