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Hey Mike, 

Just wanted to drop you a line to say Hello and "Thank You" for such an amazing tour of Tombstone! We were talking about it all the way back home to Phoenix!  (Phoenix, ugh!!!)

Also, I told you that I am a reluctant clairvoyant of sorts.. Well, after I walked my dogs and put them back in the car, we headed back over toward Big Nose Kate's. I stopped at "the courtyard" because I felt a tremendous amount of energy over in that area. So I walked over and stood deep into the yard. I tried to sit on one of the stone seats there and immediately got the feeling that I should stand up. So I stood there with my grandson Elijah.  I felt surrounded by 2 spirits and there were more in the background who would not come forth. Anyway, I do not believe in talking to them, I just listen. So, on my right side, I heard the name "Nellie" and I told Elijah. But just as I spoke that name, she corrected me and said said 'No-- White-face Nellie'  Then, immediately, I heard a man and got a visual of an old panhandler sort of man who said "AWWWW, she aint knowin nothin what she talkin about!!" as he fanned the air in disgust of Nellie's comment.  LOL!!!  

Anyway, then I looked at Elijah and told him laughing about it. I also said outloud that I do not believe in conversing with them-only listen because it says in the Bible not ta talk to them. I heard another spirit in the background say "She knows Bible, she knows Bible" 

Just thought you would like to know.. 

Hey, we are going to come back down there might be for a weekend to absorb more and check out local stuff... I LOVE THAT TOWN!!! Will keep you posted, would love to see you guys again. Maybe get something to eat? 

Take care, Kelly :)



          Just wanted to send you the couple of pics you asked for from your tour. I also wanted to say Thank You. My birthday was great and loved the historical part from the tour as well. Your enthusiasm made it great as well. One pic is of my friend Amanda at the site where John Bartlett was murdered in the middle of the street by that General. Caught two Orbes.
          Certainly will recommend your tour to everyone that asks about Tombstone.


Hey there Mickey Tucson!  My family and I were in Tombstone on Friday and took your tour of the town and also of your museum.  As we were looking through the photos, we noticed that even though it is SOOO dusty in Tombstone, there weren't many orbs (as so many people attribute to dust as opposed to ghosts). But in only one of the many photos we took, we found SEVERAL orbs.  Amazingly we found them on the tour of your museum.  In this photo, we found 5 orbs.  If you can find more, please let us know.  One of them in particular looks like there's something IN it.  Maybe you'll find it interesting enough to post on your website.
In the second photo, we are standing in front of the bank looking towards the OK corral.  We are snapping photos to see if we can capture one of the ghost out in the middle of the street.  This photo was taken with my phone, so it looks a little grainy, but when I was going to take a picture, my husband (Daniel) got in front of the camera, and a strange white line appeared in front of him. We were thinking it might be a bug flying in front of the camera, but for the line to appear so consistent for such a long duration seemed odd.  Maybe this too was something?  If you look in the lower right corner of this image, you can sort of see something else in the picture, but we aren't sure what it is.  If you can think of what it might be or if it looks familiar to you, please let us know.  It almost looks like the legs of someone laying in the street?
If after further review of our pictures, we find other things, we'll forward them on to you.
Anyway, thank you so much for the tour.  Our interest in the history of Tombstone was sparked! We immediately came home and rented Tombstone and Wyatt Earp and our son hasn't taken off his spurs or stopped shooting the bad guys!
Thanks again,


I just wanted to thank you for a fun and informative evening!  The ghost tour was great!  I will definately recommend it to my friends!


Our family really enjoyed the tour.  The history and your enthusiasm were great!  I was able to snap a few pics along the way, when i wasn't tripping over my 8yr old daughter wrapped in a mexican blanket haha.  During the tour, you had mentioned orbs being spotted for 2 days straight near the empty lot of the cosmopolitans.  Upon looking over my pics, i think i captured something of the sort (labeled #19) in that exact spot.  Pretty cool!!  As you will see in the rest of the pics, it is orbs that i believe i captured.  No complaints here haha.
Like i said, we really enjoyed the tour and plan on visiting again.  Soon!!
Thanks to you and all involved to preserving and portraying this piece of history.





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