Quon Kee & China Mary


Quon Kee's Can Can Restaurant opened in 1879 on the corner of 4th and Allen Streets in a 10 x 10 white canvas tent.  Quon Kee sold Chinese food to everyone in the territory from the more than 15,000 immigrant Chinese to cowboys and miners.  Soon his restaurant was so popular that he was able to build a building that housed 100 long tables.

Quon Kee was married to China Mary who controlled the Asian immigration in Tombstone.  She would bring the immigrants to town, put them to work and in return for her efforts, would get one third of their wages for the first 2 years they were here.  China Mary also controlled the opium trade in Tombstone and soon became very popular and wealthy.  She could often be seen sitting with important people such as the Governor when he came to town.





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